Instead of generating zip file and transfer it from your server, why not download data and zip them in your browsers?

I recently worked on a side project, which generates reports per user’s request. For each request, our backend will generate a report, upload it to Amazon S3 storage, and return its URL to the client. Since generating a report takes a while, the output files are stored and the server…

Attached the TTY for a command that required input, then detach it to run in the background

A few days ago, I created my own remote signer for the Tezos blockchain. For those who are not familiar with Tezos, a signer is a process that holds users’ credentials and signs all transactions on behalf of them. Thanks to Tezos’s docker repository, the setup has gone smoothly. …

Ngô Việt Khánh Huy

Technical Leader, Mentor

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